Prostatitis is treated by sex.

Prostatitis is treated by sex.
Prostatitis and sex? It would seem that there is nothing in common between these concepts, but it is enough to understand male physiology a little and it becomes obvious that this is possible too!
It is known that prostatitis is an inflammation in the prostate gland, which occurs most often due to the development of stagnation in the prostate gland. Actually because it usually affects men leading a sedentary lifestyle and work. Moreover, according to statistics, only in Russia about 35% of men aged from 25 to 45 suffer from it, that is, in their prime.

Regular proximity helps men regain high testosterone levels!

There is another significant risk factor for the development of prostatitis, which, by the way, not everyone guesses – prolonged sexual abstinence. The fact is that without sex, the functions of the gland are unclaimed, and this condemns it to stagnation.

Therapy of prostatitis is aimed primarily at improving the drainage of the prostate gland, that is, emptying it from the accumulated secret. That is why, in addition to drug therapy, urologists often prescribe prostate massage. In combination, it improves blood circulation in its tissues and stimulates secretory activity, preventing the stagnation of juice in the gland.

Almost similar processes with what happens under the influence of the urologist’s finger are observed during orgasm, namely, there is a consistent contraction of the gland muscles with simultaneous evacuation of the secret, which certainly eliminates stagnation in the tissues of the prostate gland.

Agree, sex treatment is much more pleasant than prostate massage, but there is one catch: during the inflammation of the prostate gland, testosterone synthesis in the testicles decreases, which “kills” sexual desire. Do not contribute to libido and pain during orgasm, which are observed with chronic prostatitis. Meanwhile, the secret continues to accumulate, and the inflammation increases even more. How to break this vicious circle?

To eliminate congestion in the prostate, doctors recommend that patients with a diagnosis of prostatitis take Vitaprost. It improves the function of the prostate gland, reduces swelling and inflammation, and at the same time relieves all symptoms, including impaired erectile and orgasmic function. Having thus removed the acute symptoms, you can finally resume intimate life, and it is desirable to have sex every day and more than once. Experts claim that such regular intimacy helps men regain high testosterone levels and improve the prostate condition. So love your women with passion and health!